The JeJe’s March News (New arrivals & Event)

March is a crucial month for The JeJe.
It marks the first month of The JeJe's launch, and also the day of its first popup on March 2nd.
The popup held at Sentosa was The JeJe's inaugural one.
Despite the weekend-long rain, the popup was held amidst the lush greenery of Sentosa, which was beautiful and refreshing.
Meeting many customers for the first time and seeing the laughter of children enjoying the free balloon event was heartwarming.

Additionally, there are plans to hold a popup in celebration of International Women's Day at Wisma from March 9th for two days on the 4th floor, OCBC. Your interest and support are greatly appreciated.

The next event is the Singapore Cluny Court popup from March 11th to 15th for five days.

We'll be introducing two new brands launching at Cluny Court in Singapore. We'll be showcasing EcoUs menstrual pads, certified organic and made of breathable 6-layer cotton, designed to reduce discomfort and menstrual cramps, as well as neutralize unpleasant odors caused by chemical reactions in disposable pads.
It's eco-friendly, economical, lasting 2-3 years, and a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

Also, The JeJe is launching a new brand, "Be my Blossom," by a Korean artist, featuring premium fabric handmade bags and pouches in Singapore.Be My Blossom is well known brand in “idius” which is handmade products online mall in Korea.Her handmade creations have received great responses from numerous customers on Ideas (Idius) and hold a rating of 4.9. Be sure to admire the artist's heartfelt creations.

The JeJe aims to continuously discover and introduce new brands to the Singapore market each month, so stay tuned for the exciting launch of EcoUs and Be my Blossom in Singapore!

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