About Us

The JeJe

Welcome to Jeje Company, your gateway to a world of unparalleled elegance. Based in Singapore, we are an online retailer dedicated to curating unique and special brands. Our selection spans exquisite homewear, jewelry, and fashion accessories, each embodying the chic sophistication inspired by the vibrant trends of Korea. Jeje Company stands at the intersection of quality craftsmanship and distinctive style, providing you with a personalized journey to elevate your lifestyle. Redefine elegance with Jeje – where every piece tells a story of fashion, quality, and refined taste.



Mint Tulip

Mint Tulip, established in 2022, is a premium homewear brand crafted entirely in South Korea. Our signature products include eco-friendly premium cotton gauze robes, blankets, and pajamas, emphasizing sustainability. Mint Tulip proudly showcases the excellence of Korean-made products with environmentally friendly materials, vibrant patterns, and premium cotton quality. Rooted in family values, Mint Tulip is dedicated to creating practical and beautiful moments for busy women in their everyday lives.


Luméa & Co

Unveil unique elegance with our Korea-crafted sterling silver, 18k gold-plated, and pearl pieces. Thanks to our skilled Korean Jewerly designer , who made jewelry with “Moissanite” also called “diamond simulant” which is considered eco-friendly. Moissanite is created in a lab, eliminating the need for traditional mining practices associated with natural diamonds. Lab-grown moissanite production has a lower environmental impact, avoiding the ecological disturbances caused by diamond mining. Additionally, the process allows for better control over ethical and sustainable practices in the gemstone industry. We elevate your look with personalized luxury from Luméa&Co. We use 100% biogradible cotton package for eco-premium jewelry brand.