April News from The JeJe-Online Mall Launching Event

April News from The JeJe-Online Mall Launching Event

The JeJe's Hectic March

It's hard to believe that a whole month has already passed since The JeJe's March launch. March was filled with busy days, one after another. Perhaps it's because it was the beginning of our business venture, but we were filled with so much energy and determination.

Throughout March, we participated in pop-up events three times. First up was our inaugural pop-up at Sentosa, Singapore, held over two days on March 2nd and 3rd!

더제제 3월 런칭이 지난지 벌써 한달이나 지났어요.

3월동안 정말 바쁜 하루하루를 보낸거 같아요.

먼저 3월2일 이틀간 진행된 싱가폴 센토사의 첫 팝업!!

The following weekend, we had the Orchard Wismar pop-up in Singapore.

It took place at Wisma Shopping Mall on Orchard Road in Singapore. Unlike the Sentosa pop-up we had before, the Wismar pop-up proved to be the most challenging for me.

Many advised against participating in this pop-up, but for me, it turned out to be a valuable opportunity that instilled a newfound sense of confidence.

그리고 그 다음주 주말에 있던 싱가폴 오차드 위즈마 팝업

싱가포르 오차드에 있는 위즈마 쇼핑몰에서 열린 팝업이었어요.

전에 열렸던 센토사 팝업과는 달리 위즈마 팝업은 저에겐 가장 힘들었던 팝업이었어요.

하지만 힘든만큼 이 팝업을 통해서 뭔가 더 확신이 생긴 좋은 기회였던거 같아요.

Following the Wismar pop-up, we wrapped up March with a five-day pop-up at Cluny Court.
Cluny Court is a charming shopping mall nestled right next to the Botanic Gardens, known for its cozy boutiques.

During the five-day pop-up here, we had the opportunity to connect with many customers and listen to their stories.
Through both the Wisma and Cluny Court pop-ups, we gained a clearer understanding of our product's target audience.
The three of us embarked on this business venture with its fair share of challenges, but through it all, we've grown stronger together. Despite the difficulties we faced while working side by side, the five-day pop-up provided us with an opportunity to strengthen our bond. It was a time for us to envision the future direction of our business and pave the way forward together.

In particular, the pop-up at Cluny Court gave us confidence that our services and products can resonate with the Singaporean customers. It was a pivotal moment where we felt assured that our offerings would be well-received.

From the five-day pop-up at Cluny Court to the VIP Launching Party that followed, we were grateful for the overwhelming support from everyone who attended. The launching party, shining brightly with the presence of esteemed guests, was made even more special by the attendance of Director Jung Saem Mool, who showed her appreciation for The JeJe's robes.

위즈마 팝업에 이어 3월의 마지막 팝업, 클루니 코트 5일간의 팝업이 진행되었어요.

클루니코트는 보타닉가든 바로 옆에 있는 작은 부띠끄들이 많은 쇼핑몰이에요.

이곳에서의 5일간 팝업을 통해서 많은 고객을 만났고 고객 이야기도 많이 들을수 있는 시간이었어요.


5일간의 클루니코트의 팝업을 끝으로 마련한 VIP Launching Party 까지.

많은 감사한 분들이 와주셔서 빛났던 런칭파티였어요.

특히 더제제의 로브를 좋아해주시는 정샘물 원장님까지 와주셔서 더욱 빛났던 런칭파티였답니다.

The JeJe's April Events

We've got an exciting lineup of events planned for April here at The JeJe!

After a busy March, we took some time to revamp our online store, preparing to introduce new products and services. And now, we're thrilled to announce that our online store will be reopening on April 15th at www.thejeje.com!

To celebrate the reopening, we're offering a special 15% discount for online purchases made on the opening day! It's our way of saying thank you to our amazing customers for their continued support.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to shop our latest collection and enjoy exclusive savings. Mark your calendars for April 15th and get ready to elevate your style with The JeJe!
더제제의 4월 이벤트

4월에도 더제제는 많은 이벤트를 계획중이랍니다.

3월의 바쁜 일정을 끝으로 그동안 온라인몰을 재정비하는 시간을 가졌어요.

새로운 제품과 서비스를 업데이트를 하고 드디어 4월 15일 온라인몰 오픈 !!!!


15일 오픈기념으로 온라인 구매고객에 한해 15% 할인이벤트를 진행하고 있답니다!!


Introducing our Balloon Art One-Day Class finally launched!!!

During the two-hour class, you'll have the precious opportunity to learn how to create balloon flower bouquets and master the art of making birthday party decorations.

Spend quality time crafting decorations with your own hands and create unforgettable birthday parties for your beloved family!

또 하나!!!

벌룬아트 원데이클라스를 드디어 런칭합니다!!!

2시간의 원데이클라스 수업시간에 풍선꽃다발을 만들기도 하고 생일파티 데코레이션을 만드는 법도 배울수 있는 소중한 시간이 준비되어 있답니다.

내 손으로 사랑하는 가족의 생일 파티를 만들어보세요!!!!

Introducing The JeJe's latest venture: monthly events and diverse services!

Breaking free from the limitations of pop-ups, The JeJe's products and services are now available at our very own shop!

Join us on May 1st for the grand opening of The JeJe's first boutique! Stay tuned for exciting events and promotions to celebrate the opening of The JeJe's inaugural store in Cluny Court!

더제제는 매달 새로운 이벤트를 준비하고 다양한 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.

팝업으로는 한계가 있던 더제제의 제품과 서비스를 드디어 팝업이 아닌, 샵에서 만날수 있게 되었답니다.5월1일 더제제의 첫번째 편집샵!!!

많은 기대해주세요!!!

곧 클루니코트에 오픈할 더제제의 첫번째 샵 오픈기념 이벤트로 찾아뵙겠습니다!!!

더 제제의 홈페이지


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